Our Tagines Just Landed at Caliza Pool!

Coastal Living magazine Goes Moroccan!

Moroccan Cooking

Moroccan Cooking

Join Peggy Markel on September 6, 09 at Caliza Pool as she demonstrates the art of Moroccan cooking. Peggy Markel has become known as a “food guide extraordinaire” (Food and Wine, 2008). Her Adventures “bring visitors directly into places it would take the lone traveler quite some time to discover, if ever.” (More, 2008).

Food editor Julia Rutland will also be heading to Studio B. for a photo shoot with Peggy Markel.

Classes run September 5–6, 2009, so to meet Julia on the sunny Florida Gulf coast and cook with Peggy, register now at Studio B!

Taste of Morocco with Peggy Markel at Caliza Pool!


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4 Responses to “Our Tagines Just Landed at Caliza Pool!”

  1. jean claude hetu Says:

    I live in pompano beach where can i buy a tangine close to my home

    • itagine Says:

      Please go to tagines.com and place your order. Since you are in Pompano and we ship from Miami, you’ll receive it the very next day.

  2. jean claude hetu Says:

    tank you

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